Who We Are

Mission Statement​

The Museum and Library Alliance of the Greater Lehigh Valley aims to provide

professional development opportunities for Lehigh Valley museum and library staff

and to foster a network of common resources and opportunities for collaboration.


1. Aid in the professional development of museum and library employees
through presentations, symposiums, and workshops.

2. Encourage and facilitate cross-collaboration between museums and libraries

in the greater Lehigh Valley.

3. Combine resources to aid in greater impact of Lehigh Valley museum

and library programs and exhibitions.

4. Establish an online resource forum for LV museum and library professionals.


Executive Committee Members

Julia Brennen  (Bethlehem Area Public Library)

Beth Brevik (Backstage Library Works)

Kristen Leipert (Bethlehem Area Public Library)

Susan Falciani Maldonado (Muhlenberg College)

Emily Marchello (National Museum of Industrial History)

Daphne Mayer (National Canal Museum)
Claire McRee (Allentown Art Museum)

Matthew Rothfuss (Bethlehem Area Public Library)

Get involved! We always welcome new members and volunteers.